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Septic Tips

Septic Tips

Septic System Tips

Mac’s Septic Service recognizes the importance of maintaining your septic tank. Here are some basic tips on how to keep your septic tank in good working order:

  • Have your tank tested annually by the licensed professional. Failing to do so can result in sludge build-up, which reduces the capacity of your tank and can lead to a sludge leak.
  • Have a visual inspection for damage or potential problems. Workers pumping the tank should check the alarm, baffles, compressor, motor, timer and pump.
  • Don't put chemicals such as paint thinner, insecticides or gasoline down the drains. These will kill the bacteria that break down waste products in the tank.
  • Refrain from sending nondegradable items, such as sanitary pads, plastic or rubber, down the drain.
  • Plant only grass and flowers above the tank and drain field - not trees, whose roots could interfere with the system.

Follow these basic rules and avoid the high cost and risk of not properly caring for your septic system.

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